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Bet at the Best

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From here all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your gaming experience. If there is ever a problem you can simply contact one of the support specialists who will be able to talk you through the whole process. The support centre is open twenty four hours a day so you never have to worry about sitting with a problem. Jackpotcity games are some of the best on the net when it comes to online blackjack and more.

Backgammon rules

Backgammon is a game played by two people on a board comprised of 24 narrow triangles called points; the triangles appear in black and white, one after the other and are gathered into four quarters with six triangles in each. Every quarter is a “home” for each of the players, when they confront each other. One player’s home zone is in fact the others’ outside zone. What actually separates between the different homes is a bridge called “bar”.
The backgammon rules are not too complicated and before you decide on participating in tournaments and bet with real money, you should get used to playing in an online casino first, so you will be more mentally ready.
There are backgammon sites like BGRoom, Play65 that allow you to learn in the most professional way possible. As a start you have to place your “soldiers” on the board – every player in his side in an equal manner. The arrangement will be done in the following way: the first point with have 2 soldiers, five in the sixth point, three in the eighth point and five in the twelfth point.
Every player in fact has 15 soldiers.
The purpose of the game is to move all of your “soldiers” into your home on the board and then get them out. The first player that gets everyone out wins.
So why won’t you try a game other then online poker, an easier game which does not require too much strategy.
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Security at online casinos is an important thing to consider when looking to
play casino online. Fortunately, there a few things that you can look for first. Take a look at what country the casino is being operated from. There are quite a few countries where online casinos are illegal, and putting money into a casino who’s very existence is illegal is as good as throwing it away. When playing casino online you will often have a chance to use payment methods that are known to be secure and don’t require you to give out
information like your credit card number, check to make sure the casino at least offers such methods before playing casino online. The next thing you can check is the software, before the casino download you can see if the software platform they are using comes from a major developer. Companies like these don’t like to have their names associated with dishonest or underhanded operators, so it’s a good bet that if the casino you’re looking at was able to get a license from one of them, then they are probably honest. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still read the fine print. There are plenty of casinos that will find ways to not pay you which will be done completely according to the rules they have posted. If you don’t like, or do not understand the rules at a particular casino, then you should not play there.

Bet at the Best

100% bonus up to $400 is just the beginning of a great relationship with 888 Casino Online. Not only is this a great offer, but you get 25% of that bonus straight away.  There are other great bonus offers to welcome you to Pacific Poker Online at 888.com.  The First Depositors’ Package is a really unique offer to new poker players and includes a chance at $50,000 as well as a ton of really valuable freerolls.

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You can play casino games like blackjack and craps in addition to the poker favorites.  If you are a fan of slot machines like the ones in your favorite brick and mortar casino, you can play them now from home.  Casino players enjoy the same benefits and promotional offers as poker players.  You can accrue VIP points and win great prizes for your loyalty.

Before betting your hard-earned money in some other poker room, come and check out the great site at 888.com Pacific Poker Online.  Excellent bonuses, full schedules of tournament events and great people set Pacific apart from other online poker sites. You’ll find betting with 888 is the best decision you could have made!

You Don’t Always Have To Be Playing Texas Holdem…

Sure, now that everyone watches poker on TV, they think Texas holdem is the only form of poker available. While it is the most popular form of online poker at sites like Pacific Poker, there are many different structures played in ring games and poker tournaments that are just as fun and profitable.
Take Omaha for example. It is very similar to Texas holdem but you are dealt more cards and there is less fluctuation in a player’s stacks and bankrolls. Add in the Hi/Lo variation and you can play more hands per hour and still be profitable.
There is also stud poker. This was a very popular form of poker before the days of the WSOP being televised. It is what your grandfather played when he was young. It has a little slower pace but can still be lots of fun. If you think you are really good, give a mixed game a shot. There is no truer evaluation of a poker player’s skill than playing a few rounds of HORSE. It may take a while to find some people to play against you, but when you do, you are in for a good time!
Whenever you are playing online poker, don’t limit yourself just to Texas hold’em ring games and poker tournaments. While the tables for these games usually fill up the fastest and have some of the biggest prize pools, you are really missing out if you don’t try other forms of the game.

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Look to Play Unique Backgammon Boards

I’ve been playing backgammon for a lot of years and consider myself a pretty serious player.  I love the strategy involved and the chance of the dice.  But once you’ve been playing for awhile I think you start become more interested in the whole experience, that’s what happened to me.  It might be funny, but I started to really take my backgammon boards seriously.
Backgammon has been around since the ancient Egyptians, so there’s been plenty of backgammon boards created.  When I was on a trip to the Middle East, I saw some really interesting backgammon boards; awesome artwork, raised points, checkers out of gem stones; they boards were awesome.  And people over there take their backgammon seriously; great players.  The best part, of course, was there at least, I could get these really beautiful boards for fairly cheap.  So I bought a couple and brought them home.  I have to say, my friends loved the boards and it really added to our backgammon play, it just adds another dimension.
Now, I’m not saying you need to fly to some far off location to enhance you backgammon game, but playing a unique backgammon board could be a nice change.  I’ve been looking around lately and have found two alternatives.  One is you can buy nice boards at the stores here or look for them in auctions.  Or you can also play internet backgammon.  There are sites online that let you play all types of backgammon boards; real ones that they downloaded online or imaginary ones that can be crazy and interactive.  Either way, try out unique backgammon board and have fun.